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Stained & Bevelled Glass Panel
With the colored and textured glass, bevels and jewels, different colors of caming, we are creating hundreds of designs, to any degree of privacy, offering unique traditional and contemporary stained glass windows, beveled glass entry doors and mosaic art. OEM is acceptable. You can add your personal touch by submitting us the artwork to be transformed onto your glass.
Decorative Grid Insulating Glass
It's a kind of Insulated Glass with decorative grids sealed between the two panes of glass to allow easy cleaning. Its most function is to improve the thermal performance of glass when used in architectural application. A full line of internal grid options are available, including Beveled-leaded, Matching, Narrow Brass, Williamsburg, Georgian and Traditional Chinese styles of grids, as well as Roma and British styles of patterned grids.
Wrought Iron Panel
This is a combination of insulating glass unit and wrought iron designs. The wrought iron designs are mounted between two lites of glass, which brings the insulating glass unit the characteristics of wrought iron door and window---beautiful, distinctive and strong. Also comparing with general wrought iron unit it’s easier to clean.
Studded with Crystals & Jewels
It is a style of art glass made by studding or sticking different styles and colors of crystals and jewels upon the glass panel to create a special pattern or design. The base glass panel can be pre-treated (i.e. being etched, frosted or painted) to show different styles.
Polychrome Glass
Here polychrome glass indicates a series of decorative glass panels including engraved glass, acid-etched glass, painted glass, filmed glass, cast glass, fused glass, baking finished glass and glaze colored glass, etc.. Hundreds of styles and patterns offer you a wide choice. The polychrome glass is applied in windows & doors, partition, cabinet & desktop, ceiling & floor, etc..
Laminated Glass
This is a type of safety glass that holds together by an interlayer (PVB/silk/paper) when shattered. It is normally used when there is a possibility of human impact or where the glass could fall if shattered, i.e. skylight glazing; the exterior storefronts, curtain walls and windows in geographical areas requiring hurricane-resistant construction. Different styles of patterned films make each laminated glass distinctive and charmful.
Texture Glass
As a kind of architectural glass texture glass is widely applied in glass cabinet for bathrooms, furniture glass, glass partitions and glass room dividers, glass counter tops and decorative glass windows, etc.. Also some of the texture glass is used to make stained glass panels. We’re supplying different styles of texture glass made by fusing, casting, patterning, etching and painting.
Glass Mosaic
Glass Mosaic is the art of creating images with small colored glass pieces. Small tiles or fragments of colored glass or clear glass backed with metal foils are used to create a pattern or picture.
Art Mirror
We are supplying traditional and contemporary decorative art glass mirrors for residential and commercial applications. With the combinations of fused, painted and stained glass, our designing team can create any design to bring a unique beauty to your life.
Mosaic Furniture --- NEW!
We provide styles of mosaic and painted glass furniture, including mosaic coffee table & chair, racks, metal bar table & barstool. Such furniture can be put in the garden, living room & dining room, cafe & bistro, etc. Products can be made based on your design or special requirements.
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